Offering Versatile, One Hour Cure MMA Flooring Solutions

Methacrylate reactive resin technology is very different from all other commonly used resin technologies on the market today. As part of the acrylic family, methacrylates are not just used for concrete resurfacing; they are also used to create everyday products such as Plexiglas and bullet proof glass.

Methyl Methcrylate (MMA) floor coating systems deliver an exceptional solution to surface problems commonly seen in the food and beverage facilities, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants, freezers, cold storage facilities, colleges or any other facility faced with concrete resurfacing issues.

MMA flooring has significant advantages over traditional seamless flooring systems. MMA floor coating technology is designed to provide a means to repair all concrete resurfacing projects and offers high durability, superb scratch resistance, chemical and thermal shock resistance, yet flexible enough to meet the strict requirements of both health inspectors and business owners.

Additionally, MMA flooring is capable of curing in temperatures as low as -20 degrees F and will not yellow or discolor from wide swings of surrounding temperatures. Furthermore, when you do any concrete resurfacing with MMA flooring technology you have done so with a classification of product that has unsurpassed adhesive bond strength, thus making future delamination highly unlikely.

Concrete Restoration Inc. offers MMA floor coating systems that range from 65 to 250 mils (1/16 to ¼ of an inch).  Regardless of thickness, the repair can be completed in one day, thus minimizing production downtime. Most MMA flooring systems are back in service one hour after completion.

MMA floor coating is available in a wide range of solid colors as well as blends of colored quartz for a decorative appearance. All systems have a variable, non skid textured finish for the utmost in safety. 
Other key advantages to MMA floor coating technologies include;

  • Inside, outside freezer and cold room applications.
  • Non yellowing, durable and scratch resistant.
  • Wide range of anti slip properties.
  • Highly chemical resistant with anti bacterial properties.
  • Solvent free, VOC compliant; 100% reactive. 
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