Industries Served

Do facility floors influence the perception of quality and value you’ve worked so hard to create?

In today’s fast paced world, perception is reality. In the blink of an eye customers and potential customers formulate an instantaneous impression of your company.

Regardless of your industry, Concrete Restoration can help with your next concrete floor coating project. We offer a wide range of protective, durable, decorative concrete epoxy coatings systems. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, we’ll show you how our industry knowledge and years of experience in high end concrete floor epoxy systems result in the difference you’ve been looking for.


A dependable image is reinforced by a durable concrete epoxy coating system.

Concrete Restoration has been designing and installing superior concrete epoxy coatings for commercial floors in automotive service departments, parts rooms and write up areas for many years. These light reflective, durable, safe concrete epoxy coatings systems are long lasting and easy to clean floor finishes that will leave a positive, lasting impression on your customers that will help your C.S.R’s soar.


Highly chemical resistant, light reflective, easy to clean concrete floor epoxy flooring systems that look great for years to come!! 

That is how all of our clients in the aviation industry describe our concrete floor epoxy and urethane coating systems. They also acknowledged;

  1. Our concrete floor epoxy is easy to maintain
  2. Our concrete epoxy coatings are extremely shiny
  3. And most importantly, are very safe, slip resistant concrete epoxy coatings

Having coated hundreds of thousands of square feet, no contractor in the area better understands the extremely high expectations of today’s commercial aviation industry than we do.


From assembly lines to locker rooms, machine shops to chemical storage areas, loading docks to battery charging stations, four words can best describe Concrete Restoration and our concrete floor epoxy systems:

Been there, done that.

When the durability bar was raised by those installing concrete epoxy coatings, Concrete Restoration met the challenge head on. We install only the most durable, easy to clean, safe concrete floor epoxy systems in the industry.

On time completion is critical in today’s manufacturing environment and Concrete Restoration knows just that.  We always deliver on time due to our phenomenal world class installation of concrete floor epoxy systems.

Food and Beverage

All bottling lines, bakeries, meat packing areas, kitchens, coolers or freezers share a common issue: the condition of the concrete floor can’t keep production from running.

That is why you should choose Concrete Restoration for your next concrete floor epoxy or urethane mortar flooring project or repair. We’ll keep production downtime to a bare minimum.

Steam cleaning, thermal shock, severe cleaners and low temperatures are all no problem for the concrete floor epoxy and urethane mortars we install. In fact, some systems even cure in one hour making same day start and finish a reality.


Consider decorative concrete epoxy coatings systems for your next primary or secondary education building flooring project.

Locker rooms and showers, hallways and cafeterias even classrooms and sidewalks can all be coated with one of our flake or colored quartz concrete floor epoxy systems.

Every system is USDA approved, attractive, seamless, slip resistant yet easy to clean. Integral cove base is available and when installed provide no place for germs or bacteria to grow or hide. 

Outdoor areas severely damaged by the effects of rock salt can be repaired in just one day.  Our installation of MMA technology products keeps disruption to a minimum.

Commercial Kitchens

Cri’s urethane concrete overlays and ultra durable colored quartz flooring are the ideal flooring choice to be used in today’s commercial kitchens.

Whether it’s in the freezer, under the oven, next to the fryer or all throughout the preparation area, these durable, skid resistant, USDA accepted flooring systems make your inspections A OK!


Decorative colored quartz flooring systems can be tailored to meet the unique demands of today’s animal laboratories, kennels and veterinary clinics. Years of design and installation experience has taught us to recommend the exact chemical resistance required for your particular operation. Safe yet easy to clean flooring is what we specialize in!


At Concrete Restoration Inc., we’re known as the “chief of staff” for all your epoxy flooring needs.

From the helicopter pad to the mechanical rooms, the atriums to the operating rooms, the kitchens and everything in between, let our years of design and installation experience provide you with the best in L.E.E.D. certified, seamless, long lasting, easy to clean flooring systems engineered to meet the most demanding design and innovative vision.


Static discharge related problems, gone undetected, can really be a “shock” to your bottom line as warranty costs soar.

Concrete Restoration Inc. offers a complete line of the unprecedented world leader in ESD polymer flooring systems.

These state of the art systems offer outstanding static control throughout the entire floor thickness, absolute performance and aesthetic versatility that are easy to maintain, low in cost, completely repairable and are L.E.E.D. certified; completely low VOC formulations.


Planes, trains or automobiles………..tanks, trucks and helicopters. What ever you manufacturer that moves people or the things that they make, Concrete Restoration keeps you one step ahead of your competition with a complete line of highly attractive, super tough, easy to clean and safe polymer flooring systems designed for areas requiring protection against corrosion, impact, abrasion and continuous daily wear.

Using state of the art application techniques and years of industry experience, our installation teams will get in, get done and get out, leaving you with an overwhelming, world class floor even in the tightest of schedules.


When customers depend on you for finished or rolled paper, count on Concrete Restoration’s durable epoxy flooring systems to protect your factory, the safety of your employees and your image in your customer’s eye. Our product line features flooring systems that cure fast and are low VOC which limits down time during installation. In addition to withstanding routine cleaning, these systems deliver against chemical exposure from acids or caustics, abrasion and impact from heavy loads as well as thermal shock from steam.