Distilleries, Brewery and Wineries Flooring

Distilleries, breweries and wineries need easy to clean, durable USDA/FDA compliant flooring to keep their facilities safe and clean. Spills, staining, heavy vehicle and cart traffic can destroy an untreated floor in no time. Additionally, frequent high temperature high pressure cleaning along with exposure to acids and other chemicals require very specialized flooring materials to withstand this common occurrence.

Manufacturers of spirits and wine must take great care to prevent the growth of any bacteria that could negatively impact the final product. This industry must also deal with heavy equipment to move large quantities of ingredients which then are heated or cooled to extreme temperatures and at the same time kept sanitary.

Things to consider when designing a floor for distilleries, breweries and wineries

  • Floors need to be easy to clean and USDA/FDA compliant
  • Floors need to be thermal shock resistant
  • Floors need to have significant compressive strength
  • Floors need to be slip resistant
  • Floors need to be chemical resistant
  • Floors need to be able to handle heavy forklift and cart traffic
  • Floors need to be stain resistant
  • Floors need to be low in VOC’s

Cementitious urethane flooring systems expertly installed by Concrete Restoration Inc. fills all these requirements. They provide a durable and beautiful floor that can stand up to the most abusive environment in distilleries, breweries and wineries.