Clean Room Flooring

A clean room is a specialized enclosure that establishes an environmentally controlled space where airborne particulates, microbes, temperature, humidity, airflow and other elements are regulated.
Clean rooms are no longer used exclusively in the aerospace industry. Today, clean rooms are built where contamination control is important like

  • Pharmaceutical/medical technology
  • Labs/production areas
  • Semiconductor/computer assembly
  • Communication system assembly
  • Testing facilities
  • Bio technology
  • Food/beverage processing

Flooring in a clean room is extremely important because this is a potential place for containments to collect. Concrete Restoration inc. installs world class clean room specific flooring systems designed to be easy to clean, durable and to maintain a professional appearance.

Some of these systems mitigate electrostatic charges and microbial organisms. They offer the highest degree of quality and performance. They are seamless, zero VOC and durable to reduce particulate entrapment and avoid shredding of clean room footwear. The choice of clean room flooring is generally more important than the choice of wall material because contamination is more likely to happen on the floors.

Concrete Restoration Inc. is an independent industrial and commercial flooring contractor expertly qualified to install polymer and cementitious flooring systems in commercial kitchens using the finest materials available in the world today.

Our clean room flooring systems can be designed to meet the following criteria

  • Electrostatic dissipative
  • Anti microbial growth control
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • High gloss
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Floor joint free
  • Dust free, long lasting

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