Seamless and Versatile Decorative Flake Flooring

Decorative flake flooring systems create a seamless, resilient surface completely different than a typical concrete floor. Although these flooring systems have simple components and are equally simple to install, they provide the end user an extremely durable, long-lasting surface. These flooring systems are a multi-coat broadcasted with flakes system designed to provide a terrazzo-like seamless finish that will be appropriate for many flooring applications. The flakes (actually vinyl chips) provide an infinite number of color options along with a slight degree of slip resistance.

Decorative flake flooring systems continue to grow in popularity with ultimate end users and architects because of the way that they deliver customization to industrial, commercial, and retail applications. Typically installed with ¼ inch size flakes, they are also available from 1/8 down to 1/32 of an inch. Additionally, they are available in many color blending options to match your building’s décor, branding colors or your favorite colors in general.

Decorative flake flooring systems are usually a three-coat system. After surface preparation, a primer is installed followed by a pigmented receiver coat in which the flakes are broadcasted into and then a final, clear lock coat is applied. Occasionally, a fourth, clear chemical resistant coat is installed to meet specific chemical resistant requirements.

Benefits of Decorative Flake Flooring Systems:

  • Many choices of colors and blends
  • Little if any maintenance
  • UV light stable
  • Can be used for cove base and walls
  • Anti-slip options available

Applications include commercial lobbies, hallways and office areas, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, schools, locker rooms, research laboratories, animal housing, commercial garages and more.

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Decorative Flake Commercial Floors
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Decorative Flake Commercial Floors
Decorative Flake Commercial Floors