The intensely image conscience owners and chief pilots of air transportation enterprises involved in the storage and maintenance of aircraft need to look no further than Concrete Restoration Inc. for all their hangar floor coating needs.

Our aircraft hangar floor coatings are ideally suited for:

  • Corporate Hangar Flooring
  • Private Aircraft Hangar Floors
  • Helicopter Hangar Flooring
  • Military Aircraft Hangar Floors
  • Maintenance Hangar Flooring
  • Aerospace Hangar Floors

Concrete Restoration Inc.’s aircraft hangar floor coatings are designed and installed for those individuals interested in an immaculate appearance that are sure to add value to your business.

These highly light reflective hangar floor coatings are slip resistant, easy to clean, and chemical resistant to both Skydrol and JP4. They can handle extreme weights, will keep the concrete from getting contaminated and are guaranteed not to deteriorate from UV exposure.

Expertly applied by experienced, highly trained industry professionally, Concrete Restoration, Inc. has the manpower and equipment to take on the most complex of installations. Having coated hangar floors from New England to California and many aircraft hangar floors in-between, no contractor understands the demands of today’s aviation facilities better than we do.

Jet Hangar flooring
Aviation Hangar Flooring
Aviation Hangar Flooring
Aviation hangar flooring