Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions

Antimicrobial flooring is required for a variety of industries. Traditional concrete flooring is porous by nature, and can retain moisture in capillaries and crevices. Bacteria and harmful fungi and mold can breed and produce a catastrophic scenario. Antimicrobial flooring offers a reliable, affordable solution.

The Three Primary Systems for Antimicrobial Flooring

  • Production, packing rooms and labs can have a thick build coating
  • Processing areas, chemical rooms, thermal shock exposure can benefit for a shock resistant mortar
  • Decorative vinyl chip or quartz flooring for labs, restrooms and cafeterias

Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Flooring Systems Offer Significant Benefits

  • Microbial growth protection
  • USDA Compliant / CFIA Approved
  • Selection of textures and colors
  • Fast application and minimal downtime
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy cleaning and sanitizing
Antimicrobial Flooring
Antimicrobial Flooring