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Static discharge related problems, gone undetected, can really be a “shock” to your bottom line as warranty costs soar.

Concrete Restoration Inc. offers a complete line of the unprecedented world leader in ESD polymer flooring systems.

These state of the art systems offer outstanding static control throughout the entire floor thickness, absolute performance and aesthetic versatility that are easy to maintain, low in cost, completely repairable and are L.E.E.D. certified; completely low VOC formulations.

Walking across a floor can build up static and where there is static there is an electro-static discharge. This can cause many problems in many industries. ESD floors, also known as electro-static dissipative or conductive floors provide static control, inhibiting static electricity on a person from reaching sensitive equipment, parts or components.

The ESD market is standard driven. The electronics market world wide is governed by ANSI S20.20. As a result of the increasing sensitivity of electronic components and an odd collection of ESD measurements in the workplace, ANSI S20.20 was changed to reflect these changes.

ESD flooring for electronics manufacturing is tested for electronic resistance. In the previous version of S20.20 the resistance of the flooring/ESD footwear in combination was tested using a line person. It was assumed that if the flooring/footwear combination was below a certain limit, it was statistically improbable that the person would generate a static field in excess of 100 volts; the industry accepted maximum value.

Concrete Restoration Inc. and our manufacturing partners, using particulate based ESD flooring systems with proper footwear in good condition will always meet both the resistance and body voltage requirements for the new and current version of ANSI S20.20.

Modern electronic components are becoming more compact and the density of devises is far greater than it was only a few years ago. This is a continuing trend and today’s electronic manufacturers face an increasing challenge to maintain an environment that will protect increasingly sensitive devises from static damage. Concrete Restoration Inc. and our ESD flooring systems will continue to be an important part of meeting that challenge. We has years of experience in providing ESD solutions to our clients in the electronics industry. Our ESD flooring systems dissipate damaging static charges, are chemical and abrasion resistant and help increase light reflectivity.
Our world class ESD products are ideally designed for the following markets:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electronic component production
  • Computer/circuit board manufacturing
  • Semiconductor devises
  • Biomedical research facilities

Concrete Restoration Inc. is an independent industrial and commercial flooring contractor expertly qualified to install polymer and cementitious flooring systems in commercial kitchens using the finest materials available in the world today.

Our ESD flooring systems can be designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Electrostatic dissipative
  • Anti microbial growth control
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • High gloss
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Floor joint free
  • Dust free
  • Long lasting

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