Urethane Concrete Overlays for the Ultra Demanding Food and Beverage Industry

When cleanliness, durability and thermal shock are a must, making the right decision regarding a concrete overlay solution is critical.

Urethane concrete overlays installed by Concrete Restoration Inc. deliver absolute reliability. These systems are specifically designed to meet the following demanding performance characteristics:

  • Resistance to steam cleaning and thermal shock
  • Resistance to extreme impact
  • Resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Resistance to severe abrasion

Our urethane concrete overlays survive the most brutal conditions and rigid demands of the food and beverage industry, as well as anything the USDA can “dish” out.

After years of research and development our manufacturing partners have produced a time tested urethane overlay that offers:

  • A highly durable concrete overlay suited for heavy traffic and aggressive use
  • A slip resistant concrete overlay textured for safety in wet environments.
  • Decorative concrete overlays for enhanced aesthetics
  • Odorless and non toxic, zero VOC formulation
  • Quick cure for minimal downtime
  • Installation as a concrete overlay over partially cured concrete
  • Easy maintenance
  • USDA acceptance

All of our urethane concrete overlay products are rated as “outstanding” when tested against resistance to growth of mold on the surface of an interior coating and to fungi on synthetic polymeric materials.

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