Dairy Production Plants

Dairy production facilities have very unique needs when it comes to flooring whether its liquid milk, yogurt, cheese, butter or ice cream, anti slip/traction are extremely important for the safety of all plant personnel. From the storage and production rooms to shipping and receiving, dairy production facilities present a constant slip hazard. Consider that wet, damp flooring combined with oils and fats become a recipe for safely concerns for plant management. Additionally, acidic fats, lactose and dairy proteins will destroy soft or bare concrete. Floors will be subjected to heavy forklift and pallet jack traffic need protected as well.

The right flooring for a dairy production plant must exceed these demands and be extremely durable; the facility can not afford to stop production or be shutdown fore extended periods of time in order to perform maintenance on an inferior flooring system.

Dairy production plant flooring must be capable of surviving a wide range of temperatures, from very hot to very cold since cleaning with steam is a routine maintenance procedure.

Concrete Restoration Inc. installs the finest cementitious urethane flooring materials available in the industry today. These products are one of the few flooring materials that can provide long term performance in the multiple conditions dairy production plants present to a flooring contractor. All of the products Concrete Restoration Inc. installs exceed USDA and FDA guidelines and offer many choices of anti slip characteristics.

Other benefits of cementitious urethanes are:

  • Minimal plant down time
  • Can be installed in cold, damp environments
  • Low VOC’s
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Chemical/acid resistant
  • Helps prevent growth of bacteria
  • Seamless and grout free

Concrete Restoration Inc. offers a wide range of flooring options for other parts of the plant as well such as warehouses, laboratories, raw material and finish goods storage.