Decorative Metallic Epoxy Urethane Floor Coatings

Metallic epoxy/urethane floor coatings are special multi-layered epoxy floor coating systems that incorporate the use of additives mixed into reduced yellowing epoxies to create captivating effects. This metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy as it cures creating polychromatic designs. Because of the metallic movement, even floors that use the same colors will never turn out exactly the same making each floor truly individualized.

Metallic epoxy/urethane floor coating systems put a stylish spin on the strong, durable protection of traditional epoxy. After surface preparation, (typically grinding) a primer coat of epoxy is installed to close off the pours of the concrete and create a tenacious bond between the substrate and the new flooring system. Once that has cured, we apply the metallic epoxy. The final protective coating is a clear, chemical resistant urethane that can be applied in a high gloss or matte finish that can withstand a variety of different types of traffic.

With over 40 different base metallic epoxy floor coating color options, Concrete Restoration Inc. can create eye-catching, architecturally impactful designs that are self-leveling destined to generate striking first impressions. Our finish floors create multi-dimensional pearlescent designs that bring depth and life to lobbies, retail areas, museums and other highly visible spaces like automobile showrooms, restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos and collegiate & professional sports complexes.

The life of one of our metallic epoxy/urethane floor coating systems depends on the use. In most commercial applications they will last for years depending on how they are maintained. These flooring systems can be cleaned, polished and recoated to extend the product life and appearance indefinitely.

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Decorative Metallic Flooring
Decorative Metallic Floor Coatings
Decorative Metallic Floor Coatings