Commercial Kitchens

CRI’s urethane concrete overlays and ultra durable colored quartz flooring are the ideal flooring choice to be used in today’s commercial kitchens.

Whether it’s in the freezer, under the oven, next to the fryer or all throughout the preparation area, these durable, skid resistant, USDA accepted flooring systems make your inspections A OK!

In most commercial kitchen design builds, the kitchen floor often gets over looked and installed at the last minute without proper consideration as to what is actually being installed. The equipment is thought to be much more important and can’t be installed until after the floor is in. Ironically, if the floor is installed incorrectly or if the flooring itself is the wrong materials, the equipment will have to be removed in order to fix it. Contractors tend to repair faulty flooring with the same materials thus creating a never ending cycle of repair and failure all at the inconvenience of the commercial kitchen owner.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that all commercial kitchens be subjected to stricter guidelines by increasing federal inspections relating to cleanliness. One significant way commercial kitchens can reduce food borne illness is by focusing on their flooring materials. Floors and drains generate a high percentage of positive test results for bacteria and lead to cross contamination through out the facility.

The following should be considered when selecting a flooring material for a commercial kitchen.

  • The flooring material should cover and protect the structural integrity of the buildings concrete. Uncovered concrete is a breeding ground for mold.
  • The flooring material should be seamless and non-porous for hygienic reasons. Bacteria can easily grow in concrete and tile grout.
  • The flooring material should be extremely durable providing maximum return on investment.
  • The flooring material should have a high degree of chemical and thermal shock resistance.
  • The flooring material should be cured in a short period of time getting the kitchen back in operation as quickly as possible.
  • Cementitious urethanes (aka urethane concrete) is the best option for any commercial kitchen because of the flowing characteristics
  • Highly durable, cures in a short period of time, excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance, endless slip resistance options, can be installed up the wall, typically installed at ¼ of an inch, meets or exceeds USDA/FDA requirements, zero VOC, low long term maintenance costs.

Concrete Restoration Inc. is an independent industrial and commercial flooring contractor expertly qualified to install polymer and cementitious flooring systems in commercial kitchens using the finest materials available in the world today.

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