Food and Beverage

All bottling lines, bakeries, meat packing areas, kitchens, coolers or freezers share a common issue: the condition of the concrete floor can’t keep production from running.

That is why you should choose Concrete Restoration for your next concrete floor epoxy or urethane mortar flooring project or repair. We’ll keep production downtime to a bare minimum.

Steam cleaning, thermal shock, severe cleaners and low temperatures are all no problem for the concrete floor epoxy and urethane mortars we install. In fact, some systems even cure in one hour making same day start and finish a reality.

  • Seamless, durable, easy to maintain
  • Meets USDA & FDA standards; no cracks, breaches, pits or degraded areas, no bacteria growth
  • Can tolerate thermal shock, constant moisture, exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents and ingredients
  • Safe, slip resistant, sanitary, helps mitigate the risk of falls
  • Different areas require different levels of performance
  • Withstand heavy foot/forklift traffic
  • Must perform in extreme temperatures i.e. freezers and ovens
  • Must have high degree of hygienic conditions
  • Can’t jeopardize the safety of the food and/or the health of the ultimate consumers
  • Many different flooring possibilities; many different areas of the plant. Dry production, processing and storage. Wet production and processing.
  • Extreme exposures – refrigerators and freezers
  • Bottling, food production, loading docks, shipping and receiving
  • No plant can afford to be shut down
  • Need to have inspection ready flooring all the time due to unannounced inspections
Food & Beverage Production Flooring
Food & Beverage Production Flooring
Food & Beverage Production Flooring